Cocoon-Butterfly Animated stories

Below is the Script (Story) for above Animation. Click Play button to play above animated story.  While above animated story is loading go through the script below and than watch the animation. It gives great pleasure to watch visuals for known tale.

Note to Children

Please note that for animation purpose the size of Chrysalis shown larger. The actually size of Chrysalis measures about 1 inch in comparison with kid’s body proportion. The Chrysalis size made larger for clear view in animation.

Leave it Alone


Eric and Lara have just completed drawing the life cycle of the monarch butterfly in their practical notebook.

On the previous day, their biology teacher explained the life history of the monarch.  Eric and Lara were all admiration for the butterfly. The monarch undertakes long migrations. It lays eggs on the milk weed. Eggs hatch into caterpillars.

The caterpillars eat and grow.  When they mature, they attach themselves to a twig and enter the next stage called the chrysalis. The chrysalis is the most crucial stage in the life history of a butterfly.  It is a cocoon inside which the larva undergoes metamorphosis. From the chrysalis emerges the young butterfly.

Eric and Lara were so curious that they wanted to see a chrysalis. They walked out of their house and stepped into the nearby garden. They saw a number of butterflies flying around. It was a treat to watch butterflies perched on flowers sucking nectar.

As Eric and Lara moved, they were attracted by a twig. Attached to the twig was a small silvery object.

“Look, Lara” Eric shouted in excitement. ”It is a chrysalis!” ,Lara whispered. “Let’s go near for a closer look.” said Eric.

The two walked towards the twig. They found a chrysalis hanging and shaking. Lara’s eyes grew large.

leave_it_alone_illustration“Hey, the chrysalis seems to be in trouble. May be we could help the little thing” said Eric.

The two children picked the chrysalis carefully and took it to their home. Eric suggested that they pry the chrysalis open with a knife and set the young butterfly free.

Just then their mother entered the house. She shouted at her children and cautioned that it was wrong to handle the chrysalis and attempt to open it with an instrument. She wanted the chrysalis be returned to the place from where it was picked up. In its natural environment, the chrysalis would eventually break and the young butterfly would emerge, she said.

Eric and Lara obeyed their mother. Accompanied by their mother, they took the chrysalis back to its original place in the garden and left it on the twig.

Soon, the chrysalis began to break and open. A beautiful butterfly emerged from the cocoon. It spread its colorful wings and began to fly. It was a pleasure to watch.

Eric and Lara were thankful to their mother. But for their mother, they would have harmed the chrysalis and the young butterfly would not have come out. If you happen to see a chrysalis, do not touch it.

Leave it alone.

Watch from a distance. You will see the drama of nature unfold its splendor.